Well: when the speed of 40km, how much is your heart rate?

After the trial of the Quebec Grand Prix in 2016, we can see some real-time data of some drivers in Velon this year, including speed, tread frequency, heart rate, power and position.
How do you understand the data and enjoy the data of every driver like a senior fan?
Let's start with heart rate first.
Compared with the objective notarization of power, the interpretation of heart rate is more like a "metaphysics".
Because heart rate is of great reference value to the interpretations of the state and performance of the driver, it is influenced by many independent variables.
"Heart rate is related to many factors. For example, when the weather is hot, the heart rate will be higher, "Edward Tens, a TREK team, told Velon," and the power is more objective. "
Adam Hansen of Belgium's Lotto said, "if the driver doesn't sleep well in the morning, or drink a lot of coffee in the morning, or even the temperature changes, the heart rate will be quite different."
If I cruise in the main car group, my heart rate will probably be more than 90 or more than 100, while the average person can have so many heart rates when they are resting on the sofa. Hansen added, "the comparison of the heart rate data of the two drivers would be very interesting, too."

Dr. Dan Dwyer said, "heart rate is easily influenced by many factors, such as mental stress, environmental temperature, immune function, and even over training."
"Many factors affect the reference value of the heart rate, such as a cold that causes the resting heart rate and the movement of the heart rate."
Drivers have strong thighs and hearts, but in the main vehicle group, the drivers' height and weight are different from each other, which means that the interpretation of heart rate data needs to be more careful.
"There is another important factor, such as the size of the body, the size of the heart. When the main car group is on cruising, you can observe the heart rate difference between a lightweight climbing hand and a heavier timer. "
"The heart rate of a climber may be higher, because his body and heart are smaller."
"It is the same truth in the breakout group. When the breakout group begins to pull apart the gap between the main groups, their heart rate will be higher. If one of the people's heart rate is very low, then he is likely to be lazy and do not share the work for the breakout group.
"Heart rate data can be used as clues to understand the drivers' efforts, whether they are climbing, or whether they are going to climb up to the top of the mountain.
"It is important that don't forget the heart rate and body size will have an impact on the heart rate, like Kolb de root emphasis on such small players and quintana climbers when similar sections of the heart rate will be very different.
However, heart rate can reflect a driver's effort at the time of climbing and breakout, so heart rate data is essential in the Velon database.

Although heart rate is affected by various factors for PRO, heart rate is still a good training indicator in actual training. Even for most amateurs, heart rate training is enough for them to improve.
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