How do you really need a personal coach?

Every rider has a dream of exploding teammates in his heart. Many cyclists secretly train for realizing this dream, which is called "you only have to work very hard to look effortless." But in the course of training, some friends will be entangled: is it a tutorial or a private coach? Juliet Elliott (Juliet Elliott) recently answered the question on his own blog.
Juliet, like many other riders, initially explored his own training plan. He went over all kinds of materials, consulted many old drivers, and practiced day after day. At the beginning, the effect is obvious, but it will be boring at the end of the day, and even can't see any promotion. I believe a lot of riders have such an experience, they spend a lot of energy to do their homework, and they train well in accordance with the plan, but they have little effect. No matter who will feel depressed, So what is the cause?
Many riders ignore a problem when they make training plans, that is, our bodies are changing all the time. If the training plan can't be adjusted according to the change, you will waste a lot of time and energy. In addition, many of the car friends do not know their physical state and mental state, and do not know when to adjust the training program. Even some of the drivers do not understand their critical points (such as the maximum heart rate), and blind high intensity training may cause harm to the body.

If you can solve the above problem yourself, congratulations on your personal trainer. Of course, to solve the above problems also need very strong knowledge, which may involve a number of sports medicine, psychology and nutrition content of ordinary riders to master the knowledge need to spend so much time and energy, and may not be a personal trainer cost-effective than please.
In fact, a private coach can not only make a professional training plan, but also play a role in the supervision. Almost everyone is tired of the process of training, and this time needs a personal coach to motivate (a programmer encouragement). Personal trainers can also provide professional consulting services, and can answer all kinds of wonderful questions at any time. Most personal trainers are willing to share their knowledge with customers.

But some people do not accept the character of private coach, please as a personal trainer that you need to trust him to accept his may also need to completely overthrow the backseat driver, before the training program, like a piece of meat on the chopping board a private coach to give you the knife". But the best thing is to save your heart. You don't have to make a training plan yourself, you don't have to look up your own information, and you won't be lazy.
Finally, if you have enough money to hire a personal trainer, you must brave the order. It is worth investing in both efficiency and efficiency. If you don't have high requirements for the training results, you can work out a training program by yourself.