How to eat in winter? The chefs of the professional motorcade say...

In winter, the nutrition question of the rest season is worth thinking. We are about to Belgium Lotto team chef and nutritionist Carol De Dobbelaere about simple nutrition problems during winter.
There is a saying in the West that a man is like his food (a diet can reflect a person's character and living environment). We have always believed in the belief that good nutrition is essential to us and that eating habits can also affect the development of a person.
Modern car drivers can occupation requirements to deal with daily classic, but also can deal with the three week tour. This means that a regular and healthy diet plan can give a considerable advantage to the driver.
In the offseason, most people have opened the "party" mode, essential to wine and dine. But for drivers, they need to be more careful, because December is the critical time to establish new season's new form, and also the best time to adjust body function.

So what will the Belgian reret team arrange for the rest of the season's nutrition?
"In the winter training camp in Mallorca, the driver needs to be examined in all directions by the team doctor. If necessary, we will develop a special nutrition program for the people in need. " Carol De Dobbelaere, the team doctor, told Velon.
"I recommend the drivers to think about how to eat in the winter to be nutritious and not fat. There is no hard and fierce competition in the off-season, more tests of endurance of drivers, they have to train for four or five hours on time, and these four or five hours are often very boring.
"I repeatedly told them to eat less when riding, but they should eat a protein - rich breakfast. In winter cycling, often an energy stick is almost the same. Don't eat too much food because you don't have enough exercise and can't burn too much calories. "
"I also suggest that they drink some hot tea or hot water in the training. During training, the body needs to consume a lot of water. If the water you drink is ice cold, then the body will spend extra calories to warm up the cold water, which is obviously not conducive to the effective utilization of energy, and is also unfavorable for training.
"In the winter, I usually advise drivers to eat some high protein foods, including fish, chicken, Turkey, and more" white". In addition, nuts and vegetables to eat. However, the proportion of these foods is different from the match during the competition, so as to better supplement the nutrition required by the body. "

The drivers spend thousands of calories a day in this super intensive ring, so what's the difference in the rest of the season?
"In the tour de France mountain stage, the riders tend to reach the calories consumed 10000-12000 calories, while in the winter training period, the driver a daily intake of 4000 to 5000 calories is enough. If you eat like that in a game, it's going to be a fat man. "
"Of course, I don't think it's a good way to fasting. All the drivers should have a good breakfast, but remember not to eat too much when they are trained. I told them to stop using energy bars, energy supplies and those who can quickly absorb. It's easy to grab a energy stick, and it's easy to get fat, especially when the intensity of the training is not high. In addition, training to go home in time to do a timely recovery, often more important than training. Two hours before the training, the riders should pay attention to supplementation of enough protein and prepare good protein to return to the meal after coming home.
"Drivers are self disciplined in their diet, and people often send text messages to me for recipes. Last week I received a call from Tiesj Benoot, and I told him some new ideas about diet."

So, is the 2018 ring recipe and the main goals of the team next season already in shape?
"I'm really thinking about what I should do next season. In this year's circle food recipe, I have joined some of the riders' favorite dishes, and I will continue next year. In addition, I am continuing to study some new foods, and winter is the best experiment time. I also give the rider recipes, so that they can try it at home.
"We have some very talented chefs in our team, and sometimes they give me good feedback, which is good for me. Sometimes they would say 'this is my girlfriend, bang bang. " I thank them for the recipe they offered me. "
"A year of hard work, everyone wants to relax, it is unavoidable that some can not control their mouth. But I still have to say that the drivers have to think about their appetite at Christmas and think about what to do next season.
The driver told us countless, bananas are good.